Theory of Constraints

  The Theory of Constraints (TOC) Concepts and Principles Workshop Series explores strategies for applying TOC principles to increase efficiency and achieve dramatic bottom-line improvement. You can register for one, multiple or all courses.

Topics Include:

  • Constraints Management Overview
  • Performance Measures
  • Critical Chain Project Management
  • Production Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Thinking Processes

Each topic is covered in a 4-hour, instructor-led workshop.

Constraints Management Overview

This workshop introduces participants to the basics of constraints management: the business system and various types of transformation processes, the goal of the business system, definitions of constraints management terms, and the types of constraints. 4-hour workshop.

Performance Measures

This workshop discusses the problems in using traditional performance measurements. Cost-world measurements of managerial accounting versus the throughput-world measurements of theory of constraints are illustrated through the use of the evaporating cloud technique of TOC thinking processes. 4-hour workshop.

Critical Chain Project Management

This workshop examines the basics of managing a single project using constraints management.
The four-step process of scheduling a project using critical chain scheduling is illustrated and compared to traditional project management. 4-hour workshop.

Production Management

This workshop introduces the production paradigm of constraints management. Simple games comparing balance capacity and constraints-based capacity production environments are used to illustrate the impact of statistical fluctuation and dependent events on line throughput. 4-hour workshop.

Supply Chain Management

This workshop introduces participants to the basics of managing a supply chain using constraints management. Topics include the process of identifying the constraints (internal and external) of supply chain, supply chain performance, and flow concepts. 4-hour workshop.

Thinking Processes

This workshop introduces participants to the theory of constraints thinking processes. These powerful logic tools provide skills to answer the three basic questions facing a manager today – what to change, what to change to, and how to create the change without creating resistance. 4-hour workshop.