Since 1957, individuals and companies have relied on APICS as the global leader and premier source of the body of knowledge in the industry.  Our focus includes superior training, internationally recognized certifications, and comprehensive educational resources in the areas of production, inventory, materials management, purchasing, logistics, and more.   APICS membership provides access to a worldwide network of accomplished industry professionals.

The APICS membership community of 200 local APICS chapters and 33 International Associates supports more than 47,000 members in thousands of manufacturing and service industry companies worldwide. By joining APICS, professionals keep up-to-date on industry best practices, new technologies, and techniques and gain access to exclusive members-only resources, networking, and cost savings on educational materials. Employers who endorse APICS membership for their employees create a more capable, knowledgeable, and productive workforce.

Membership in the APICS community provides:

  • Unmatched education and training to improve job performance, achieve career success, and contribute to bottom-line profitability
  • World-renowned APICS certifications that validate knowledge and enhance earning potential
  • Award-winning publications and resources to gain a competitive advantage through industry knowledge
  • An international APICS community to draw on the expertise of professionals in the field of operations management
  • Local chapter networks that provide opportunities to develop leadership skills through APICS chapter participation.

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Member Companies and Individuals

Membership Types

To address the specific needs of each member, APICS offers four classes of membership. Select the membership package that is best suited to the professional and educational goals of you and your company.

Individual Membership
Each person holds his or her own membership and is entitled to full member privileges.  Note:  Academic professionals qualify for a reduced membership rate.

Corporate Membership
Corporate membership entitles a company to designate five or more employees as its representatives to receive APICS mailings.  All employees at the same corporate location receive member prices for all society services.  Note: Some chapters offer full chapter benefits only to the designated employee members.  Dues vary with the number of employees designated.

Student and Young Professional Membership
The Student membership is available to individuals pursuing a degree at an accredited college or university and engaged in the study of resource management or related fields. The Young Professional membership is available to graduates for two years after graduation.  Note: Both Students and Young Professionals qualify for a reduced membership rate.

Retired Membership
Individuals who have reached the age of 62, retired from formal employment, and have been APICS chapter members for a minimum of five years are eligible for this membership classification upon approval by their chapters.  Retired members receive the monthly magazine, discounts on programs and materials, and 50% off society dues.